100% handmade.

Rock n'roll

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1 0 0 %  h a n d m a d e  |  1 0 0 %  R o c k  n ' r o l l !

Motion is life

Go where others do not reach even with their imagination. Away from designated paths, trails and routes. Where the pristine landscape takes your breath away and draw your own scheme - with freedom, adventure and the true joy of life. Once you have tried this , to tame adrenaline with the flow of air on pristine untouched snow and feel freedom you will never forget.


Each Pure signed snowboard  is manufactured in our established factory in Myślenice. This close to nature we create products made exclusively from organic materials, which are then hand cut to size and veneered, giving a unique, individual look and character. The attention to detail, including custom sizing and profile make each our snowboard unique and perfectly tailored to your needs, requirements and abilities. This is why, when choosing a Pure Snowboard you can be sure that your will have the most bespoke product currently on the market to enjoy!


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